Q – What Size bottle will fit in your boxes?
A – The sections within our wineboxes will fit any standard size bottle of Wine or Champagne

Q – Are you only online or do you have a shop I can visit?
A – Yes we do have a shop, you can find us on The Lanes in Meadowhall, Sheffield

Q – Do you offer a Student discount?
A – Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any student discount

Q – I need a box that will hold 6 bottles of wine – do you sell these?
A – Yes, we can supply larger size boxes. Please contact us via our online form, or visit our store.

Q – I want to use my own design on a wine box, How do I do this?
A – Boxes that offer this service will have an ‘Upload your own’ category – any issues with this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q – Do you offer any discount for multiple orders?
A – Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any multiple order discounts.

Q – How long do your products take to make?
A – Most of our products can be produced within 24 hours. Our 3D photograph conversions require a minimum of 72 hours to be produced.

Q – I have received my box, but the design does not match the one on your website?
A – The designs shown on our website are only previews. Depending on the message that you choose to be engraved designs may need to be altered.
Our designers will adjust the designs to incorporate your message, so that you receive a bespoke design.

Q – I ordered a 3D photo conversion, but there is an unsightly hole in the image – why is this?
A – As explained on our Product page, the 3D conversions work on a ‘What you see is what you get’ basis – i.e we can only convert what is clearly VISIBLE in the photograph you provide.
Therefore any ‘holes’ or ‘gaps’ within the image are produced from areas that are not visible in the photograph.

Q – I’m not sure my photograph is good enough for the conversion, is there a way I can check it before placing an order?
A – If you are unsure about the quality of your photograph, you can email it to us at info@crystalamaze.co.uk – we will then verify whether it is of a high enough quality to be used.

Q – Do you offer in store collection?
A – Yes, this option can be selected at checkout.